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Now Available: Air Purifiers For Your Office !

Posted by Avalon James on 15 February 2017
Now Available: Air Purifiers For Your Office !

Now Offering Air Purifiers !

 Clean breathing is a big part of our health. Our air is constantly being polluted by many facilities and activites we as a society part take in. 

Offices are typically more insulated as compared to the homes. As a result, the air is not circulated, which leads to lack of fresh air, which in turn can lead to allergies and other conditions. Chronic allergies can affect the performance of the employees negatively, which of course can affect the bottom line. These issues may be mitigated by installing a good office air purifier. We decided as a team that as well as providing great office equiptment and service we would like to provide pieces of equiptment that help clean the air and promote healthy living and breathing. There are many important factors when it comes to deciding whether or not your office is in need of an air purifier. Having comfortable and healthy employees helps your company move forward efficiently. and Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. The best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants, and to ventilate a space with clean outdoor air. Carbon and HEPA filtration trap harmful particles along with gases and chemicals. Persistent odors in the office can also be removed by an air purifier. HEPA filters effectively remove 99.97% of all particulates, such as, pollen and dust that pass through the filter, releasing purified air to the office.

If you find your office to have stale and stuffy air, dust and debris build up,  or if you or your employees are constantly using cleaning products such as disinfectants and varnish it is likely that a air purifier will help enormasly. Take initiative today and help yourself and employees breathe better and breathe happy. 


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